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  • Unique compatibility analysis.
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Astrological compatibility

Check your compatibility with others on FindingYou as well as with friends or family outside of the app.

Personality Compatibility

Find a match that fits your unique personality with our 16-type personality score

How Does It Work

We are a dating app that is designed to connect you with someone who matches your personality and/or your horoscope. Simply complete the joining process  and get insights into compatibility with other users through astrology and 16-type personality Typology.

Fill in all your details and Search for your compatible match to build deeper connections.
Find someone who matches your unique personality and horoscope. Look into profiles, identify the compatibility score and find your Match!
Get connected with your match. We use astrology and personality psychometrics to evaluate your compatibility with others
Meet the one who shares a deeper connection with you and start a new exciting journey!

Success Stories from People Who Met on FindingYou!

Listen to the success stories of our community members and find out tips & tricks to meet your love. Join us and meet your true connection!

After going on a few dates, I met Rahul. Though his profile was quite interesting, I was unsure about connecting with him.Luckily, our charts were compatible and we started dating. A few days later I realized that we have so many things in common- our likes for food, fashion, pets, and whatnot. We went on our first date and boom! That instant vibe matches, we met each other’s families and got married in December.

Hester Reeves

I met my fiance on FindingYou during the quarantine. She is from Delhi and I am from Mumbai. Our zodiac score matches and we connect. Now we are dating each other and happily staying together.

Percy Vere

I honestly have tried many dating platforms but didn’t connect with someone deeply.Thanks to FindingYou, I met my life partner. He is caring, loving and everything a woman can ask for. We connected astrologically, so our parents are not against our relationship. It has been 3 years since we started dating (with the consent of our families), and we are now planning to get married soon  

Jack Aranda

Trust and Safety

We provide a safe environment for users to explore and connect. No information will be shared without your permission, under any circumstances.

Meet the People on FindingYou & Make Deep Connections:

Find your match and make a deep connection. We are an astrology and scientific psychometric-based dating app that will give you insights into compatibility with other users through astrology and 16-type personality typology.

What’s more? Connect with the profiles using location-based technology, based on the gender, distance, and orientation filters you’ve set.

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