Safety and Guidelines

Your Safety is paramount to us; read the below safety guidelines to ensure that you are dating the right person. If you identify anything suspicious, report it to us immediately.

Online safety

Never share your finances or transfer money:

Never share your card details or send wire money, even if the person claims to be in an emergency situation. Wiring money is like cash sending, which neither can be reversed nor traced. Never share your financial information that can be used to access your financial accounts. Report any requests for money or similar details to us.

Never share your personal information:

Don’t share your personal information like your social security number, work address, or home address, limit the information that you share about family, children in early communication. Avoid sharing details like children’s names, where they go to school, or their ages or genders.

Stay on the platform

Keep conversations on the platform while you are getting to know someone; don’t take it on personal applications and avoid sharing your phone number. Messages on FindingYou are subject to our safe messages filters. Users with bad intentions often try to move the conversation to email, text, messaging apps, phones, or any other platform.

Stay extra cautious with long-distance and overseas relationships:

Watch out for scammers who come from your country but claim to be stuck somewhere, especially if they are asking for help to return home. Be extra cautious about people who stay behind the camera and don’t talk in person or on the phone. If someone is not answering your questions or pushing you for serious relationships without a meeting, consider it a red flag.

Immediately Report offensive or suspicious behavior:

Saying inappropriate words is not acceptable in any way; so if someone has crossed the limit, let us know this. Block and report anyone that violates the dating norms. Here are a few violations you must watch out for:

Protect your account

Make sure you create a strong password and be careful when logging into the account from a shared account. FindingYou never asks you to provide account information such as passwords. If you happen to receive an email asking for the account information, report it immediately.

FindingYou never asks you to provide account information such as passwords.If you happen to receive an email asking for the account information, report it immediately.

Meeting in Person

Don’t rush: Take your time and don’t rush into meeting the person immediately. Chat, talk over the phone and take your time before hopping for the in-person meeting. Don’t be afraid to ask your question to screen for any red flags. A video or phone call can be useful for screening before a meeting.

Don’t meet alone: Meeting privately or in your date’s home can be risky; so take time and prefer to meet in public places. If you are meeting for the first time, always prefer the populated, public place. If your date pressurizes you to go to a private location, immediately end the date.

Tell someone about your plan: Don’t go without informing someone. Tell your friends or family including where and when you are going. Charge your phone and keep it with you all the time.

Travel on your own: Make sure you are in control of your transportation so that you can leave whenever you want. Also, if you are not driving, it’s good to ask a friend to pick you up or to book a ride-share cab.

Be cautious about inappropriate things: Be careful of the illicit effects of alcohol or drugs, as they can impair your judgment.

Don’t leave drinks or other personal items unattended: Keep a watch on your drinks and see where it is coming. Accept drinks that are served in front of you and are directly from the bartender. Many substances that are slipped into the drinks are odorless, colorless, and tasteless. Also, keep your purse, wallet, purse, and your personal items with you.

If you are not feeling comfortable, leave: If you are feeling uncomfortable, end the date. If your instincts are telling you that something is not right, ask for help.


Check out all the laws around you when you travel to a new country. Do check the type of legal protection the country is offering.

Resources for the help, Support, and Advice:

Even if you follow the above tips, there are no methods of risk reduction that are perfect. If you are having a negative experience, please don’t blame yourself and help is available. Report any incidents on FindingYou and consider reaching out to the resources. If you feel you need emergency assistance, contact your local law enforcement agency.

Community Guidelines:

Welcome to FindingYou; if you are honest, respectful, and kind to others, you are always welcome here. Our goal is to let users be themselves and free as long as your actions are not offending others. Everyone is held to the same standard on FindingYou. We’re asking you to consider, think before you act, and stick to our community guidelines both on and offline.

Here’s the list of community policies. If you violate any of the below policies, we can ban you from FindingYou. We encourage you to report any inappropriate behavior, read the safety tips.

FindingYou is not for

Nudity/ Sexual Content: We are not asking you to get up and be ready for the platform, but keep it classy and appropriate for public consumption. We don’t encourage nudity, sexuality, and other sexually explicit content. Also, don’t chronicle all your sexual desires in your bio. Write it clean, simple, and classy.

Harassment: Do not engage; encourage others in any targeted abuse or harassment against each other. The harassment at our platform also includes sharing any unsolicited content with your matches. We undertake the reports of bullying, threats, stalking, or intimidating very seriously.

Violence and physical harm: We are strictly against violence, graphic or gory content on FindingYou. We do not tolerate any action on the content that advocates for any kind of threatening, promoting terrorism, physical assault, or any other act of violence.

Hate Speech: Any content that promotes or condones racism, bigotry, hatred, religious affiliation, gender, age, disability, ethnicity, or violence against any individual will not be tolerated.

Personal/private information: Do not broadcast any personal and private information of yours or anyone else. This includes passport, social security number, passwords, financial information, and contact information like email address, home/work address, and phone number.

Spam: Don’t be fake, instead be real. Don’t use FindingYou to drive people to the external website via a link.

Prostitution or trafficking: Promoting or advocating for commercial sexual services, human trafficking, or other non-consensual sexual act is prohibited. This will result in the account ban and FindingYou might take strict action against it.

*Note: “We reserve the right to involve the local police as with any other illegal activities”

Scamming: We have a zero-tolerance policy on predator behavior of any kind. Anyone attempting to get someone’s private information or illegal activity may get banned. Any user caught sharing their own financial information for the purpose of getting money from the users may also get banned.

Minors: You must be 18 years of age or older to use this dating platform. We do not approve images of unaccompanied minors; if you are posting pictures of your kids, make sure you are in them.

Illegal Usage: Don’t use FindingYou for any illegal purposes.

*Note: FindingYou has all rights to terminate or investigate any account if you have infringed our policies or have misused the app in a way that we find inappropriate. We will also not tolerate any unlawful or violations of the Terms of Use.