The Significant Other in the Horoscope

Is your significant orther described in your birth horoscope?

This is a part of a series that explains each component of the astrological compatibility protocol used in the FindingYou dating app. This article deals with Birth Chart Mirroring, the art of seeing if the significant other is well displayed in the other chart, and vice versa.

Mirroring the two Birth Charts

The 1st house and the 7th house are the opposite houses aligned with the horizon at birth. The first house that is rising in th east, represents our body, personality, while the 7th house, setting in the west, represents the significant other, spouses or partners

This method involves seeing each birth chart as a mirror of the other. Chart mirroring is the method of gauging if the astrological characteristics of one person is being described in terms of partnership in the chart of the other, and vice versa.

The horizon at the point of birth defines the position of the 1st and 7th house.

The 1st house (also called the Ascendant, rising sign or Lagna) is the sign that rises in the East at the moment of birth.

The 7th house (also called the Descendant or the setting sign) is the sign that is setting on the Western horizon at the time of birth.

The 1st house represents the individual mask, or how other people see us as individuals. This can mean the body or our personality. This is the mask that our consciousness wears with regard to the outer world.

The 7th house, on the other hand, indicates the “significant” other or a person one has relationship or partnership with. In a way, the 7th is a mirror of the 1st house, as it is the symbolic 1st house of the “other” part of you, potential partners or a spouse.

Types of Birth Chart mirroring

Shared traits is simply an identification of what the two charts have in common.

If the 1st house in one chart is found in the 7th house of another it is a sign that that 7th house person fulfills what the 1st house person is seeking in relationships.

If this happens in both charts it is a great sign for an important relationship.

This can take place in several ways:

Sign to the same sign

An example of how this takes place:

When birth chart A has the sign Cancer in the Ascendant and birth chart B has Cancer setting in the 7th house. This is a perfect sign mirror between both of the charts, because the Ascending (rising) sign in each case becomes the 7th house sign in the other.

This is due to the fact that each sign is always opposite to the same sign. Cancer is always the opposite of Capricorn.

Planet to the same planet

An example of this principle is if birth chart A has Mars in the 1st house (Ascendant) and birth chart B has Mars in the 7th house (Descendant).

This example is showing just one planet, but this could be reciprocal with birth chart B with Venus in the 1st house and birth chart A with Venus in the 7th.

Sign to the planet ruler of the same sign

This principle involves both signs and planets. Each sign is ruled by one planet and that planets can represent the sign in chart mirroring. Here is an example of how this principle play out:

When birth chart A has the sign Cancer in the Ascendant and birth chart B has Moon (ruler of Cancer) in the 7th house.

In the same fashion, if birth chart B has the sign Libra on the Ascendant and birth chart A has Venus (ruler of Libra) in the 7th house.

Other Mirroring Examples

There are other methods of of accessing mirroring between birth charts, but these are more diluted in strength:

  • Similar to the “Sign to the planet ruler” principle (above) except the planet is not in a mirror position, it is in Graha Dṛṣti aspect to the mirrored position.
  • If both charts have the same planet in the 1st house. This works as the planet aspects the 7th house from there.
  • Both birth charts have the same planet in the 7th house. This works for the same reason as above.
  • The Ascendant in chart A contains a sign of the same element (fire, earth, air and water) as the Descendant of chat B. Example: Chat A has Leo (fire sign) Ascendant and chart B has Aries (fire sign) as a Descendant.

Compatibility Score in FindingYou App

These different principles are not scored with the same value.

The highest score goes to sign to same sign principle, then to planet to the same planet principle, and to the sign to the planet ruler of the same sign principle.

The diluted principles set a much lower score as they are more indirect.

Finally there are negative principles that are not covered here (factors showing the opposite off mirroring), but these will be subtracted from the overall score.