First date ideas based on your partners horoscope

Did you know that the hardest part of dating is not that first awkward hug or deciding what to do; instead, it’s about figuring out what you should do together and how to make your date interesting. 

So, rather than following the age-old ‘let’s meet for a coffee’ plan or stressing over making a date plan, look to the planets to get some guidance.  

Of course, there are tons of things you can do on a first date, but basing the first date plan on your preferences and unique personality can increase your chance of having a memorable time.

Before we start it’s worth clarifying that nobody is fully just one sign. However, in some cases, certain signs are more predominant than others, and this is the approach we take here.

These dating ideas can apply if the person you are meeting has the Ascendant, the Sun, the Moon or at least two planets in the selected sign. It can also be valid if the person has the ruler of that sign prominently placed in their horoscope. 

Without further ado, let’s get into the interesting first date ideas:

Aries: The Trailblazers 

Applies also when Mars (ruler of Aries) is prominent in the horoscope.

A game of miniature golf is perfect for your competitive Aries partner. They are competitive, athletic, and are interested in sports.  As ruled by Mars, Aries likes being playful, impulsive, and childlike. 

To complement the fierce spirit, you can plan your date watching a sports movie or seeing some popular sports team play. You can also go on morning running date or loop around the park as a few things that might lead to your second date.

Taurus: Tactile and Sensual

Applies also when Venus (ruler of Taurus) is prominent in the horoscope

Of all the zodiacs, Taureans are home lovers and prefer to stay home for a movie night than checking out a new café. They are major food lovers, so you can include cooking a meal together or plan a takeaway from your favorite place. 

A luxurious Taurus will plan an upscale eatery by the beach where they can enjoy a soothing dinner over romantic seating. This first-date idea would be full of love, romance, and delicious food.

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Gemini: Imaginative and Interesting

Applies also when Mercury (ruler of Gemini) is prominent in the horoscope

Gemini is ruled by Mercury and is often known as the planet of communication. Gemini is intellectual and loves being a part of debates. They crave mental stimulation and are very talkative. 

Their witty personality makes them surround themselves with people from all walks of life.  They fear boredom and repetition, so they like to be with people who make them feel like every day is an adventure. 

For the first date idea, you can think of a friend’s party or checking out a bar with some people and create a lasting connection.

Cancer: Intuitive And Sentimental

Applies also when the Moon (ruler of Cancer) is prominent in the horoscope

Cancers are sentimental and family lovers; so, be ready if your cancer date takes you home to meet the family. Soft by heart and hard on the outside, Cancers are emotional in nature.

They can embrace their date through poetry reading sessions or maybe enjoying a day at the beach. Going to a stand-up comedy or to an art show will also make Cancers bring out their real self.

Leo: Flashy And Gregarious 

Applies also when the Sun (ruler of Leo) is prominent in the horoscope.

Leo is a theatrical sign, which means seeing an outdoor play or heading for an old-fashioned movie or concert will spark joy. Ruled by the Sun, Leos ensures that people should talk about them only. 

They are dynamic, charismatic, and optimistic. A Leo-approved first date idea would be hopping to a luxurious hotel with an aesthetically pleasing and impressive menu.

Virgo- Deep Sense Of Humanity

Applies also when Mercury (ruler of Virgo) is prominent in the horoscope

Just like Gemini, Virgo’s are also ruled by Mercury and are quite analytical and practical, which means they are good at information gathering. Also, Virgo personalities love researching; they keep a keen eye on everything, thereby ensuring that they get the exact thing they have paid for. 

Going to an exhibition or to a museum, visiting a botanical garden, or exploring the local library would welcome the first date.

Libra- Bright Personality

Applies also when Venus (ruler of Libra) is prominent in the horoscope.

Libras are sweet, loyal, easy-going, and are natural peacekeepers. This sign appreciates art, music, and styles, so don’t be afraid of trying classic trappings and big gestures. 

Bring some wine, chocolates, and roses to show what you have planned, and the Libra will be yours. For them, the first date idea would be checking on the live music or visiting a hip cocktail bar to enjoy the crowd.

For old school romance, the Libra will appreciate a moonlit carriage ride or spending quality nature time together.

Scorpio- Passionate 

Applies also when Mars or Pluto (rulers of Scorpio) are prominent in the horoscope.

Scorpio, like all the water signs, likes to keep things moving. Co-ruled by Mars (the planet of action) and Pluto (the planet of rebirth and transformation), Scorpios are intense, private, emotional, and magnetic people. Therefore, when it comes to finding a love partner for dating, they see bonds that change them emotionally. 

For the first date, an intimate area and listening to the favorite album create opportunities for deep conversations. If you are close to a lake or river, consider booking a boat or looking for a sunset sail.

Sagittarius- Travel Lovers 

Applies also when Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) is prominent in the horoscope.

Sagittarius is the sign of fortune and abundance and loves to enjoy everything. They are natural entertainers and are adventurous. They love to take on challenges and can do anything to expand their horizons. 

To win a Sagittarius date, embrace your inner daredevil and try sports like water rafting, riding ATVs, or other sports activities.  You can also enjoy the scream on a roller coaster and enjoy cotton candy while enjoying the rides.

Capricorn – Willful And Determined 

Applies also when Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) is prominent in the horoscope.

Disciplined, industrious, practical, and budget-conscious, Capricorns are always focused and determined to achieve their goals. They strive for recognition and respect. For the first date, they prefer someone who is as focused as they are. 

For them, a candlelight dinner will get this sea-goat sign pump with love. This earth sign also loves to hike, so another date idea would include going on a hike or navigating to the trail, which they can show off later.

 Aquarius- Rational And Analytical 

Applies also when Saturn or Uranus (rulers of Aquarius) are prominent in the horoscope.

Aquarius is radical and quite unpredictable; they connect with someone who can get on their wavelength and can bring the fun.  They like to make memories and want a worthy, happy, and memorable date. Besides, they want to be with someone who is upstanding, respectable, and humane. 

A date night idea for Aquarius can be an unpredictable night with a mix of reservations, some pre-planned things, and lots of impromptu, unknown things. They like to watch people, try new restaurants, and also like to grab a drink. Impress them with a classy dinner and see where the night takes you.

Pisces- Artistic, Intuitive, and Kind 

Applies also when Jupiter or Neptune (rulers of Pisces) are prominent in the horoscope.

Pisces are dreamers; they love fantasizing about things that are completely different from the real world. Ruled by Neptune, they are often creative and in-tune with their emotions. Their point of view towards life is quite rosy, so the first date idea for Pisces peep would be doing something artistic.

It may be going to an art museum or hitting the Instagram-worthy experience. Food is another route to Pisces’ heart; delight them with home-cooked food or try something new. 

Anything or everything romantic will also win a Pisces. So, even if you put in a little effort by setting up candles, play a romantic number, or plan something sweet, you get their heart.


First dates are stressful, and there’s no denying that you want to feel calm and comfortable to ensure you and your date have a great time. 

So, why not lean on the partner’s horoscope zodiac signs to plan things out better? The above-mentioned were some of my personal favorites and not over the top ideas to make your first day memorable and sweet.