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Tips for Making a Great Impression On First Date

Does the thought of a first date fill you with dread?

Does your memory of the last one make you cringe with embarrassment?

If so, you’re not alone!

Dating app online is simple and straightforward and with the right strategy, you can avoid some of the more common pitfalls and anxieties.

Checkout the 19 tips to make a great impression on your first date:

1. Prepare your mind: 

Before heading out on a date, make sure you don’t have any negative or lingering thoughts that may hinder your excitement.

A recent study shows that women are more attracted to men who are mindful and active.

  • If you are troubled by something from family or work, reschedule your date.
  • Contemplate the situation and clear your head.
  • Take a warm shower and focus on getting ready, this will set you in a good mood.

2. Make an effective appearance:

If you get too excited to meet someone for the first time, calm yourself. Over excitement brings anxiety and you may get nervous on your first date.

As the saying goes – first impressions are last impressions, so take your time and think what impression you want to create on this date and pick an outfit that reasons with that.

Appearance is the key, but this doesn’t mean you should wear a three-piece suit or a ball gown.

Here’s the Tip – Dress nicer but don’t overdo things.

Also, pay attention to your body language as these non-verbal cues can make a subconscious impact on the other person.

So, be aware of the body language; it’s smart to refrain from tapping, blinking excessively, or sitting too close.

3. Practice posture and Smile:

The two best tools you can use ongoing on a date or even heading out is a good smile and posture.

So, stand in front of the mirror and practice smiling, it’s okay to force yourself a little first, this will help you get some awkwardness out of the way.

Keep in mind that creating the ideal date is all about preparation.

Choose a nice location. 

It is completely true that the best date has to do a lot with the location you choose.

Practice posture and Smile. GIF

Here’s the guide to the most common date locations:

Concert –  If the music is good, the company looks even better. Music is something that people hold close, especially in relationships.

So, choose a location with good music to make the night most memorable.

►Fine Dining – You may want your date to view you as a dapper, proper person but not too fancy.

Just like that there’s a fine line between going out for a nice meal and an extravagant meal.

Choose a nice place with good seating and a good meal.

Don’t go overboard in order, keep it simple and stick to the general options from the menu.

4. Don’t start your date as an interview: 

You are going to ask your date questions about themselves for sure.

But, keep in mind this is a friendly night out, not an official interrogation.

#ProTip – Do a follow-up on their questions and show interest in what they are saying. Don’t shoot questions and bullet points; no one likes it.

5. Come on time:

Nothing is more frustrating than being late for your date.

If your dinner reservations are at 7 p.m., make sure you get there early.

Be at your table by 6:50 and wait for your date.

Remember your table manners!

It is easy to realize without realizing and it is important to remember your table etiquette.

Some things include putting a napkin on your lap and keeping your elbows off the table.

Talk slowly and be soft when talking to the staff.

6. Be confident and positive:

Part of making a great first impression lies in your stature.

Walk in the venue with confidence with a straight posture and a smile on your face.

Don’t look cranky, instead, feel good about yourself and your personality. Your date will pick up your positive vibes and get attracted towards you.

7. Keep your phone away:   

You might be getting a lot of messages or phone meetings, but you are out with someone special.

Keep in mind you are with a real person, so give them importance. 

Be present with your date and keep your phone aside. Keep other tasks aside and be 100% present with your date.

8. Talk with eye contact:

Making eye contact will help you connect with the person, so make random eye contact in between the conversations.
Make eye contact.gif
Don’t stare, but make genuine eye contact.

This will also show that you are attentive and engaging with the conversation.

Call your date by their name, this will make them feel comfortable.

9. Take your conversations ahead:

If you want to stand out from the others, go creative with your date and find topics that are interesting. You can, of course, discuss the weather, family and the new shows on TV, before it gets boring.

Make discussions that truly help you connect and know your date

10. Don’t do backbiting: 

Sometimes people start bad mouthing about their ex-dates and their parents or anyone. This is not how you should carry your conversations.

Backbiting shows your manners and you will look villain; this will be a big no for any date.

11. Be a good Listener: 

Sometimes it happens when we talk and talk and make the whole conversation one sided.

Well avoid this!

Your date will ditch you if she/he gets irritated. So, make this conversation about both, and let the other take a turn to speak.

Be a good listener and make sure that your conversations are engaging.

Don’t let your date feel left out.

12. Keep the conversations going:

It may have happened to you as well that while talking you get to a point where all the questions get answered or maybe meeting them after talking to them for a while doesn’t leave too much to ask.

In that case, you have to remember that you’re not going to meet them to find your answers.

You are going to meet them to know them better in person.

So, make sure that there are no silent pauses or awkward silence in between your conversations. If such a case arises, you can maintain eye contact with her with your “smiley eyes”.

Keep the conversations going

13. Don’t put pressure on your date:

It’s OK to be optimistic and hope for the best on dates, but having super high expectations can lead to disappointment.

The best first date expectation to have is simply that you’ll get to know someone new, you can worry about the other things later.

Be honest and be yourself.

The first dates are not for finding the right person for the future.

Don’t get hung up on small things and worry about taking things for the future. You can always decline the next date if you find that your vibe didn’t match.

14. Know that your first date doesn’t need perfect compatibility:

You don’t need perfect compatibility to find the perfect match. On the first date, you may think someone is funny and cute, but later realize that he is sensitive.

Don’t presume things and make a bunch of assumptions.  Don’t be analytical about everything and give time to know each other.  .

Your perfect “match” has nothing to do with what’s on paper. In reality, it is more about the values you live by than the things you do for a living.
And If you find someone who identifies with your core values, then you have found that someone special!

15. Uphold your personal boundaries:

When going out with someone you’ve never met (or anyone, for that matter), it’s important to stick to any boundaries you have — whatever they may be.

Everyone has boundaries and everyone is entitled to maintain those boundaries. 

If you find yourself feeling pressured to violate your own boundaries, consider this a giant red flag.

You have every right to feel safe on dating app online, whatever that means to you.

Do what you need to feel physical, emotionally, or mentally safe, and do it unapologetically.

Those who are a good match will be respectful and understanding.

16. Limit your alcoholic drinks:

So the date’s going really well.

You decide to extend your lunch to dinner and dinner to drinks. Making sure you’re not too drunk that you either start giving them the lowest moments of your dating history or that you throw up in their car.

Limit your alcoholic drinks. GIF

One drink is the pre-date max. Then pace yourself when you’re drinking. Enjoy the night, but not so much that you end up on their list of worst first dates ever.

17. Let go if your date isn’t working:

If it clearly doesn’t work out, do you call them to ask if they want to go for round 2? Do you text them five messages telling them you had a good time? 

Or do you simply accept the fact that maybe there was no spark between you two?

Take these dates exactly for what they are: as an opportunity to mingle, practice social skills, and understand what you’re looking for in a partner.

18. Don’t talk about your ex non-stop:

If awkwardness is what you are after, bringing up your ex is a great way to kill the mood and make your date want to run home.  

Bringing up an ex on a first date can make you seem like you may still have feelings for him or her or you may have some unresolved issues that need to be addressed.  

It’s worse if you say mean and horrible things about your ex. 

Your date can easily see you saying those things about them and it’s game over from there. It also clearly shows that you’re not fully over your ex.

So, avoid such things and make this date about yourself only.

19. Don’t forget your aim:

It’s normal to want to make a good impression on your date, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about your wants and needs, too. 

Make sure you’re taking note of whether or not your date impresses you instead of just the other way around.

It is normal that when people go on a first date, they want to be likable.  

This is why they aim to make a good impression, completely forgetting to explore if the other person is a good match.

In this, what happens is that you keep on pitching yourself to the other person. But, let the other person pitch to you.

If you try to fit yourself into as per the likings of the other person, you end up losing yourself in the process. So, prioritize your needs as no one else will do that part for you.

Wrapping Up:

First dates should be fun and exciting; yet we all know how nerve racking they can be. We hope these tips can help you ace your first date.

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